Cheshire Cat Bundle

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Who can resist the witty, enigmatic smile of the Cheshire cat?

We are head over heels in love with this elegant marble coaster, inspired by one of the craziest characters from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland!

Created from Greek white marble, the whimsical coaster is a perfect companion for your tea or coffee break, at home or in the office.

Better still, our Cheshire Cat marble coaster has a washable and waterproof matt surface, while its rich, vibrant motif is printed with solid inks, to ensure its brightness will last forever!
If you don’t happen to have any tea or coffee around, it can also be used as an elegant paperweight, keeping all of your most important pieces of paper nicely together.

Your set of two coasters are even gift-ready, arriving to you in an elegant package that means you don’t have to hunt for the perfect wrapping.
These are limited edition, with only 5 bundles available – so be quick!


Bundle details:

    • 2 marble coasters of size 90x90
Thickness: 10mm

    • Weight: 250gr
Created from Greek white marble, cut and polished by hand
Matt, washable and waterproof surface
Full-colour print on one side

    • Original motif designed by Chiara Aliotta

    Created and printed with love and care by MacArt in Athens, Greece.
    Cut and polished by Marblellous in Athens, Greece.