On a mission to do a great deal of good, together!
 On a mission to do a great deal of good, together!

On a mission to do a great deal of good, together!

By Chiara Aliotta

On a mission to do a great deal of good, together!
 On a mission to do a great deal of good, together!

It is summer on our Greek island, but we still struggle to feel it in our bones, and even more in our mind.

But although we were in lockdown throughout the whole of spring, our creativity found a way to go outside in the sunshine, express itself, and discover new opportunities.

That’s why you’ll find our shop bursting with brand new products, in the form of everyday objects you will love.

But that’s not all. By purchasing them, you will also help to bring love and happiness to others. Come and find out more!


Chiara Aliotta and doctor Manolis Vorrisis wearing the Behemoth t-shirt

Behemoth, the evil cat that does a lot of good.

At the beginning of this year, we launched our new collection of limited-edition prints dedicated to the Russian classic novel, The Master and Margarita by M. Bulgakov. In that exact moment, Behemoth was born!

Spiros and I decided to set about helping this evil cat to do some good, so we created limited-edition T-shirts that feature his re-imagined form.
Going further, we decided that the proceeds from Behemoth’s beautiful T-shirts (nearly 50%) would be donated to the social co-operation organisation Aegean Cats, we live together.

Based on Syros (Greece) and founded in 2018 by doctor Manolis Vorrisis, the organisation is on a mission to help our animal friends who live on the edge.
We took great care in printing them: the t-shirts are created from 100% combed certified organic cotton, vegan approved and fair trade certified.
And... they are limited-edition! So, if you want one, you’ll have to be quick.

Get yours here!


In the bubble, our limited edition print inspired by the winner of our drawing competition

In the Bubble, when art fights Covid-19… and wins.


On March 2020, as the COVID-19 pandemic broke all over the world, we launched a drawing competition for young artists, age 5-10. Their mission was to design a superhero, whose special powers would overcome the disease.

It was so beautiful (and comforting) to have so many colourful and brave superheroes flying into our inbox, all ready to make COVID-19 ancient history!
But there could only be one winner, and that was Mr. Potato, designed by eight-year-old Konstantina, from Greece.

Inspired by Konstantina's strong superhero, The Pattern Tales designed a unique limited-edition print, In The Bubble.
The print is available in only 10 copies, and the proceeds will be donated to the New England Complex Systems Institute, the not-for-profit organisation behind the initiative EndCoronavirus.org.

The artwork is also exclusively printed on Awagami Bamboo paper, 250gsm, and comes wrapped in premium packaging.

Buy your copy here.


Psst… Don’t forget to stop by our e-shop!

We regularly fill our shop with new discoveries waiting to be explored, including our brand-new notebooks and artbooks that have been designed to keep all your ideas and thoughts beautifully together.

Until we meet again, be creative and stay safe.




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