Chiara's favourite gifts Chiara's favourite gifts

Chiara's favourite gifts

By Chiara Aliotta

Chiara's favourite gifts Chiara's favourite gifts

Forget the boring Christmas gift guide this year!
Founder and designer, Chiara Aliotta, thinks that gifts are important gestures that don't need special occasions to be given.

The real gift is one that lasts forever.  It creates a strong and enduring connection between two people, the giver and the receiver.

So, come and see what Chiara has picked from The Pattern Tales e-shops and why!


Beautiful and strong Circe cotton bags

Price: 25 Euros
Why: effortlessly elegant.

Circe Cotton Bag

What I like about this bag is that it is designed to be classy, yet practical.
It’s such a staple in my life: I not only use it for shopping, but also to go out after my ballet class.
It is very spacious, and thanks to its generous depth, it always looks smart and ordered.
Their wide handles are very comfortable, meaning they won’t leave a mark on my shoulders when I carry groceries.



Inspiring and colourful Alice in Wonderland small prints

Price: 40 euros
Why: perfect for every occasion!

Alice in Worderland Cards Set. The Queen's Croquet-Ground.

It is no secret that I love Alice in Wonderland. That’s why this set of small prints is so beautiful that you want to hang all of them on the wall.
Among the five cards, there are two of my favourite characters represented: the Cheshire Cat and the Mad Hatter.
Because they are small and very colourful, they immediately transformed my office into an intimate and beautiful space.
To share the magic, I have used some of them as greetings cards too, along with gifts for my beloved friends and family.

A print with authentic Russian style, Behemoth

Price: 180 Euros
original and smart.


The limited edition print of Behemot from the series, The Master and Margarita

Of all the protagonists from Bulgakov's classic novel, The Master and Margarita, I like the clever and criminal big black cat, Behemoth.
He has been represented in many ways…except a matryoshka doll. Until now!
The intricate details are all inspired by Russian folk patterns. For this reason, this is not a print that only cat lovers can enjoy, but a great piece of art that will start a conversation and steal the scene… especially he is hanging on the wall for all to see!


Do you have a favourite item in our shop?
Did you know that all our products are beautifully gift-wrapped and shipped free worldwide?

If, like Chiara, you believe that gifts need to be both original and everlasting, The Pattern Tales is your only choice. Start browsing our website.
We are sure you will find something beautiful and heartwarming, whether for yourself, your house, or your dearest friends.





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