And the winner is... And the winner is...

And the winner is...

By Chiara Aliotta

And the winner is... And the winner is...

A few months ago, we launched our first competition for young artists.

We named it, "Bring A Brand-New Superhero to Life!".

Then, we sat back as some of the most creative and colourful Superheroes we have ever seen arrived in our inbox!  Our gloomy days in lockdown were transformed into a fun and happy celebration of superpowers to help save the world.

We enjoyed reviewing each drawing, and we loved reading every single story.  So much care and creativity went into each artwork, which meant it was very difficult to choose the winning Superhero.

Indeed, it took us longer than we expected!

But after a lot of thought, we’ve decided to award the prize to:

Mr. Potato, designed by eight-year-old Konstantina, from Greece. 


The winner drawing of our context, Mr Potato

We enjoyed the simplicity of Konstantina’s idea: an ordinary object, a potato, is transformed into a very special hero, complete with a cape and a colourful weapon!

Well done, Konstantina!  You will receive a 50-euro Amazon Gift Card, and some lovely limited-edition gifts from The Pattern Tales, including the limited-edition print we have created, inspired by Mr. Potato himself.

The print is also available for sale on our site, and the proceeds will be donated to the New England Complex Systems Institute, the not-for-profit Institute behind the initiative

BUT, if your entry didn’t win, please don’t be sad. 

We have a special message for the children behind the rest of the wonderful creations we have enjoyed so much.

Lots of people will see your amazing drawing at The Pattern Tales' exhibition, ‘In Wonderland, and Other Stories’, to be held at the Plastico Cafè-Gallery in Syros, Greece, during November 2020.

For the exhibition, we will create a beautiful Hall of Heroes, in which all the superhero ideas we received will be on display, to empower and inspire everybody.  

So, your superhero will still help to save the world!

We want to thank all the children (and their parents) who, with their enthusiasm and creativity, joined our mission to dream and hope for the end of this pandemic.

The battle is still on out there, so please stay safe!



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